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Compassionate Advocacy In Texas Child Support Cases

Child support can become a contentious issue in any divorce, and it can continue to be a concern until the child reaches adulthood. Whether you expect to pay support or receive it, you need to make sure that your interests and your child’s interests are protected.

At Quintana & Barajas, PLLC, our experienced legal team can handle your case. With over a decade in practice serving clients across South Texas, we are uniquely prepared to leverage our extensive experience on your behalf in all family matters, including child support issues.

How Is Child Support Calculated In Texas?

First, each parent’s net monthly income has to be calculated, including salaries, rental incomes, commissions, bonuses, tips and benefits. Then, the paying parent can generally expect to pay:

  • 20% of their net monthly income for one child
  • 25% of their net monthly income for two children
  • 30% of their net monthly income for three children

While adjustments can be made for any additional children someone has to support, it is important to note that adjustments are not automatic. This is critical information for parents who may be supporting children in more than one household.

Are You Able To Negotiate For More?

Parents often negotiate for shared expenses for things like extracurricular activities and college payments. Since these are not part of the court’s focus, this is an area where legal guidance can be crucial. An experienced lawyer can make certain these questions are not overlooked.

Obtaining Child Support Modifications

Child support can be modified when there is a substantial change in circumstances, like a significant change in income for either parent, alterations in the child’s needs or changes in custody arrangements.

Since modifying child support can be challenging, it is important to plan and get it right initially. Seeking legal advice and ensuring accurate documentation during the initial proceedings can help prevent complications in the future.

Let Us Secure Your Child’s Future

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