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Families deserve to be able to stay together, no matter what. The law should not be something that is used to tear families apart. If you or your loved one is facing legal trouble that threatens your family, you deserve to have an attorney who understands what is at stake.

Legal Experience Focused On The Issues That Matter To Our Clients

Here at Peña & Quintana, PLLC, our attorneys understand the importance of family, and they work tirelessly to represent them through their legal needs. We take the time to consider each of our clients’ unique immigration, family or criminal law needs before we craft a custom strategy that best suits those needs. We strive to achieve the best possible outcome in all the areas of law that we practice in. You can learn more about our attorneys here:

How We Help Your Family

Your attorney makes a significant impact on the outcome of your legal problem, which is why you want to be sure the lawyer you choose is right for you and your family. We help our clients through matters involving:

  • Immigration law
  • Criminal law
  • Family law

Part of what makes our firm so successful is that we treat our clients like family while fighting for them. One of our attorneys is an immigrant, so when we say we understand your experience, it is more than just words. We stay in contact with you throughout our representation, so you know what to expect from and what we are doing at each step of your case to help protect your family.

Let Us Fight For Your Needs

We represent individuals and families throughout Texas. At our Houston and Austin offices, you can find lawyers with the compassion and experience necessary to help your family when you need it most.

Contact us by calling our team at 210-996-2664 or by clicking this link to schedule your initial consultation by email. We look forward to the opportunity to represent you and your loved ones.