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Fight Assault Charges With A Texas Defense Attorney

Assault charges can have serious consequences on your life. Consulting an experienced defense lawyer is crucial for understanding what to expect and building a strong defense.

The legal team at Quintana Barajas PLLC, can analyze facts, refute prosecution claims and advocate for your interests, striving for the best outcome possible when you face criminal charges. Since we handle both criminal and immigration issues in South Texas, we are also uniquely positioned to help our clients understand how one issue affects another.

Can You Claim Self-Defense For An Assault Charge?

Self-defense is a valid legal defense against assault charges. Texas allows the use of force for self-protection and the protection of others, but it must be reasonable and proportionate to the perceived threat.

Potential Jail Sentences For Assault In Texas

In general, assault is the threat of bodily harm, while battery involves actual physical contact with the victim. Texas law treats both assault and battery as the same charge because there is no charge for “battery.”

The length of jail time for assault depends on the severity of the offense:

  • Misdemeanor assault cases: One year of jail time
  • Felony assault cases: Up to 20 years in prison
  • Aggravated assault cases: Between two and 20 years in prison

A criminal defense lawyer can guide you with specific information on potential jail sentences for the charges you face based on the charges, the circumstances of the allegations against you and your criminal history, if any.

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