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At Peña & Quintana, PLLC, our immigration attorneys came together because of shared principles. Our goal is helping families stay together.

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We Can Help With Your Immigration Issue

Immigration law is a volatile, ever-changing and difficult area of law. If you are dealing with any aspect of an immigration matter, you need a skilled and experienced attorney to help you successfully navigate this complexity.

Our attorneys at Peña & Quintana, PLLC, understand these issues intimately. We focus on immigration law, including family-based immigration, removal defense and employment-based immigration. This intense focus allows us to provide the specific help you need when dealing with any of these issues.

A Wide Spectrum Of Immigration-Related Matters

Immigration law is complex, and it really demands an attorney focused on immigration to provide the help you need. But immigration law is affected by and influences other areas of law. Criminal charges or family law issues often intersect with immigration matters.

Our attorneys not only focus on immigration, but also include these other areas to ensure your legal situation is treated in a holistic way. This ensures that a decision in a criminal case doesn’t inadvertently complicate your immigration matter

Working Across South Texas

We work to help keep families together. A strong focus for our firm is family immigration and the related matters. We know few issues are more heart-wrenching than the separation of parents from their children. One of our attorneys went through the immigration process themselves. Our attorneys at Peña & Quintana, PLLC, serve clients throughout South Texas.

Carlos G Quintana

Carlos G. Quintana

Jose R Barajas

Jose R. Barajas

Our Mission Statement

We strive to provide excellent, effective legal representation to all our clients. The founding partners set out to create a law office in which the attorneys are accessible to our clients and have ample time to communicate with clients directly. We have structured our office and our practice to allow for thoroughgoing consultation with our potential clients and attentive client follow ups, and to achieve our goal of ensuring to the best of our ability that our clients understand in detail the nature of their case.