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Do you or a family member have the right attorney for your criminal charges as an immigrant?

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2021 | Criminal Defense |

No one wants to face criminal charges. Accusations of a crime can impact your reputation and your freedom. For immigrants, criminal charges are even more serious. A conviction could have an impact on your ability to stay in the United States. Criminal charges could affect your ability to stay with your family if it is someone you love accused of a crime and not you.

The law entitles defendants to an attorney when they face criminal charges. The state will even assign a public defender for those who cannot hire their own lawyer. Even those who do hire their own attorney might not choose the right professional to represent them in this crucial matter.

How do you know if you have the right lawyer for a case involving an immigrant accused of a crime?

You need an attorney with the right kind of experience

Did you know that not just the charges you face but also the penalties assigned can impact your immigration status? Getting bad advice about criminal charges or immigration could damage your legal situation.

There are so many laws that no one attorney can be an expert in each of them. Most attorneys have to choose a few areas in which to specialize to better serve their clients. Attorneys who only handle criminal cases won’t necessarily understand the immigration concerns your family has. Attorneys who usually handle straightforward immigration cases may not know how to plan a criminal defense strategy.

The right attorney for an immigrant facing a criminal charge will be someone who has knowledge and experience in both criminal law and immigration law. The right experience and knowledge will be crucial for protecting someone from a criminal conviction or from the charges affecting their right to stay in the country.

A strong criminal defense strategy protects your immigration rights

Understanding that when the charges against you might affect your immigration status or when the penalties you face could have immigration consequences will make it easier for you to respond to those charges appropriately. In-depth knowledge about criminal law and immigration law can help you plan to prevent charges, avoid deportation and minimize the penalties you face.

Making sure that you or a member of your immediate family has good legal representation for criminal charges can help you avoid future separation and family complications.